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Kabel Coaxial RG-6/RG6 merk CommScope, Type F660BVAPD Frekwensi s.d. 3GHz (sebagai pengganti Type sebelumnya yaitu SAT660BV APD)

Panjang 1 roll adalah 305 meter

Memiliki Jelly yang berfungsi melindungi kabel serabut dan menjaga agar kabel tidak longgar di jaket PVC nya.

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Info by SMS:

WA/Telegram : 0877-8817-1377

WA/Telegram : 0813-8119-5599

Line: rajakabel

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Construction Materials
Construction TypeNon-armored
Center Conductor MaterialCopper-clad steel wire
Dielectric MaterialFoam FEP
Jacket MaterialPVC
Shield (Braid) Coverage 60 %
Shield (Braid) Gauge34 AWG
Shield (Braid) MaterialAluminum
Shield (Tape) MaterialAluminum/Poly
Cable Length 305 m   |   1000 ft
Cable Weight 26.00 lb/kft
Diameter Over Dielectric 4.3180 mm   |   0.1700 in
Diameter Over Jacket 6.071 mm   |   0.239 in
Diameter Over Jacket Tolerance±0.006 in
Diameter Over Shield (Tape) 5.207 mm   |   0.205 in
Jacket Thickness 0.381 mm   |   0.015 in
Jacket Thickness, minimum spot 0.254 mm   |   0.010 in
Electrical Specifications
Capacitance 50.9 pF/m   |   15.5 pF/ft
Characteristic Impedance 75 ohm
Characteristic Impedance Tolerance±3 ohm
Conductor dc Resistance 28.60 ohms/kft
Dielectric Strength, conductor to shield 2000 Vdc
Jacket Spark Test Voltage 2500 Vac
Nominal Velocity of Propagation (NVP) 84 %
Shield dc Resistance 9.00 ohms/kft
Structural Return Loss15 dB @ 1000–3000 MHz   |   20 dB @ 5–1000 MHz
Structural Return Loss Test Method100% Swept Tested
Environmental Specifications
Environmental SpacePlenum
Flame Test MethodCMP
Safety StandardcETLÂ Â Â |Â Â Â ETL
UL Temperature Rating 60 °C   |   140 °F
General Specifications
Cable TypeSeries 6
Jacket ColorBlack
Product Number2275V
Center Conductor Gauge18 AWG
Center Conductor TypeSolid
Packaging TypeReel
Mechanical Specifications
Minimum Bend Radius, loaded 20 times
Minimum Bend Radius, unloaded 10 times


Electrical Performance
FrequencyAttenuation (dB/100 m)Attenuation (dB/100 ft)
1 MHz1.250.38
10 MHz2.300.70
50 MHz4.851.48
100 MHz6.592.01
200 MHz9.382.86
400 MHz13.874.23
700 MHz19.555.96
900 MHz22.836.96
1000 MHz24.447.45
1200 MHz27.068.25
1450 MHz30.649.34
1800 MHz35.0610.69
2200 MHz37.8511.54
2500 MHz38.3811.70
3000 MHz42.8713.07

Regulatory Compliance/Certifications

RoHS 2002/95/ECCompliant
ISO 9001:2008Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system