Netviel UTP Cat.5e PVC

Netviel UTP Cable Cat 5e

This 4pair Category 5e cable is tested for power Sum NEXT, ELFEXT, Delay skew.Propagation Delay and any other criteria as specified can include voice, ISDN, ATM 155 and 622Mbps, 1000mbps TPDDI, fast and Gigabit Ethernet, Shielding protects against EMI/RFI interference

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Electrical perfoemance at 100Mhz, 1.0-100MHz impendance(Ohms), 1.0-100.0Mhz impendance delay screw(ns/100m)<45pair to ground capacitance unbalance (PF/100m)330Max Conductor DC resistance 20%(ohm/km)

resistance Unbalance 5% , test object : jacket, material PVC

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